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Welcome to Barangay Learning Centers

The Barangay Learning Centers program is devoted to the promotion of education in the "barangays" or small town on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. The first learning center was opened in June of 2008. Its construction was a project that the people of Barangay Pepita took great pride in.

Book stores and libraries throw out or destroy (through recycling) millions of books a year. We believe that it makes both environmental and worldy sense to reclaim these books and make them available to places like the Philippines where books are rare and expensive. It is our hope that the Barangay Learning Centers model can be duplicated through book donations and community support all across the Philippines and beyond. Currently, other learning centers are being planned or the early stages of construction have begun for sites in Barangays of Aslum, Dapdap, and AStorga in the Philippines.

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